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HolidayParkSpecials Awards 2017

HolidayParkSpecials Awards

Our favourite event of the year has finally arrived! Once again, it’s time to celebrate the very best holiday parks in Europe according exclusively to ... Read more

Visit Keukenhof

Visit Keukenhof

For anyone who loves garden tour holidays, Keukenhof tulip gardens in Holland will absolutely be on the top of the list. Keukenhof isn’t just the perf ... Read more

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Top 5 wellness resorts

Top 5 wellness resorts

At this time of year, I can’t think of anything better than renting a holiday cottage somewhere beautiful and enjoying some well-deserved rest and rel ... Read more

Top 5 short hikes in Europe

Top 5 short hikes in Europe

Whether it’s the expansive woodland of the Ardennes, the roving waterways of Holland or the Lake District in Germany, the continent boasts some of the ... Read more

5 reasons why holiday parks are perfect for 50+

Holiday parks for 50+

Now that your children have grown up and you have plenty of free time of your own, you can go anywhere you like on holiday. But have you ever consider ... Read more

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International Film Festival Rotterdam

Rotterdam Film Festival

One of the biggest cultural events of the year, International Film Festival Rotterdam is a hive for filmmakers and industry names in Europe. Regularly ... Read more

Top 9 Dutch events that you cannot miss

Top 9 Dutch events

The Dutch have a bizarre array of traditions, some of which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Whether it’s an ice cold swim on New Year’s Day ... Read more

Top 5 must-see attractions in Holland

5 must-see attractions in Holland

Holland is this year’s perfect family holiday destination. Besides wandering along the 17th century Amsterdam canals or visiting the Van Gogh Museum, ... Read more

Top 10 family activities in Amsterdam

Family activities in Amsterdam

Many Brits might see a family holiday in Amsterdam as a contradiction in terms. Whilst we associate the Dutch capital with a very tolerant attitude to ... Read more

Top 5 Beaches in Belgium

Top 5 Beaches in Belgium

The perfect family holiday always begins at the seaside, with sandcastles, seafood and a fresh sea breeze. Most British families flock to France or Sp ... Read more